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About Us


Jus Yoga International is a Rishikesh based Yoga School, with a team of experienced and learned Yoga teachers. The Yoga teachers in our school come from various backgrounds with a common vision of providing in depth knowledge of Asanas, Philosophy, Anatomy and Ayurveda.

Apart from the practise of Asanas, the goal of Jus Yoga International School is to share the knowledge of Yoga as Science and tool for the overall wellbeing of the humanity.

Welcome to Jus Yoga.

Our Teachers

As a yoga teaching organization we believe that the foundation of a learning institution is the teachers. In the effort of making a excellent teaching-learning atmosphere we are making our team with well know names of domestic as well as the international teachers.

Our aim is to provide yoga study which is being modern in methodology will also gives the basics of ancient knowledge of the foundation like “Yoga Sutra” and prepare you physically and mentally. Our course design includes advanced Asana methodologies with knowledge of yoga anatomy, philosophy, science of mantra, Ayurveda etc.


Jus Yoga has the  association with different hotels and guest houses in Rishikesh. We organize The Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in these hotels and guest houses. We have clean rooms, well mannered staff and beautiful yoga hall. Our School provide Vegetarian and Sattvik meals during the course. Our team works hard to find the best and safest accommodation  for you. The venue of the courses are decided and shared in advance with the students.

Our Books

Yoga has two aspects:- Theoretical and Practical. Practical aspect completes with a “Guru” but before that, theoretical aspect gives you fine wisdom and deep knowledge on elements like mantras and poses and much more.

We provide our students with a complete guide that includes the contribution of the excellent teachers towards yoga and comprises knowledge from very useful and ancient books like “Essence Of Yoga“,”Hatha-Yoga Pradipika“,”Yoga Sutra“,”Bhagwat Gita“,”Upnishads” and “Vedas“.The manual is designed to provide you in-depth knowledge on yoga principles, yoga methodologies, lifestyle of a yogi, and other benefits of practicing yoga in daily life.

Yogic Food

Healthy food is a vital factor that needs to be paid attention. At Jus Yoga International we provide you meals that are enriched with protein,vitamins and essential minerals. We know about how food can directly affect your body and mentality. So we offer you a healthy and yogic diet plan which is recommended by most ayurveda teachers.

At Jus Yoga International we provide you different meal plans to choose. These meal plans are completely based on your routine. We also offer you to decide whether you want 1-meal or 2-meals per day or more. We are very conscious about health and hygiene so we are also having partnerships with some of the most known and excellent restaurants for their great services and complete hygienic food. 

Jus Yoga International is a school registered with International Yoga Alliance, USA. The school is registered to conduct 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. We follow the latest course according to the Yoga Alliance, USA at the same time maintaining the essence of the essence of ancient Yoga practices.