Alone we can do so little
together we can do so much

Become a partner

Become the part of customized Yoga trainings with registered institution having all the resources you need

You can become our partner in Yoga trips and courses. If you are a traveler and also follow yoga you can visit us with a group and we will take care of all the activities and requirements with all resources we have. Fill out the form or send us mail to: and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Being a yoga professional means managing not just courses but also arranging for clients to get a living. We understand that. So we offer you the benefits of our courses and all you have to do is get clients or groups of them and we will help you manage them as well. Allowing you to focus on yourself too.


Teachers at Jus Yoga International are expert at communication and have deep knowledge and experience. They inhibit the ability to develop caring relationships with the students and follow strong work ethics. With years of experience they drive you towards your goals and passion by engaging you towards learning.


Jus Yoga has the collaboration with various luxury hotels and guest houses and also places that are quite connected to the nature.All the rooms are clean and orderly.. The staff offers genuinely heart warming services. The food we offer is also complete balanced and is prescribed by “Ayurveda Doctors”.