Can you actually meditate?

This is the most frequent question which is asked by students. Their questions are mainly emphasis  on their ability to meditate or on actually not understanding meditation at all. Some people feel difficulties to maintain focus for longer time. When students come and sit in the meditation class and not achieving the state of higher level of concentration or higher level of  consciousness after passing few minutes they feel frustrated or irritated and not able to sit properly or feel comfortless.

According to our meditation teacher, Mr. Nalin Ji-

“To reach to the higher state of consciousness or simply to practice meditation, one needs the understanding and then feeling about your practice”

First practitioner has to understand what is meditation and then after gathering enough knowledge about it he/she has to develop the feeling about it. these are the initial two steps one has to follow if wants to achieve the  power to travel into meditation.

So now the question is what is meditation? How to understand it? Meditation is the deep connection between the subject of the meditation and the pursuer. Where pursuer is experiencing the nature and the quality of the subject of meditation as he/she is about to become the subject. This process of meditation mainly starts with the concentration and focus on the subject of the meditation. This is also know as imitating the subject. We can understand it by an example where an actor is playing a role in a play lets say “Ramayana”. He is imitating an character lets say “Hanumana – the monkey god”. In the stage actor starts his role by mimicking the nature and the qualities of lord Hanumana. Here the pursuer is our actor and the subject is “Lord Hanumana”.  Now after playing the role and imitating the character for long time creates a feeling in the actor where he starts feeling the qualities and nature of the subject as if they are his own. This connection between our actor (pursuer) and Lord Hanumana (the subject) is called meditation. We can apply this example to our meditation practice. The important is that we have to do it with all our efforts and concentration.

Hope you like this thought.  Thank you !


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