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Yoga is the way to know your own strengths and weaknesses physically, mentally and spiritually. Where you can use your strengths to achieve the highest goal of your life and can remove your weaknesses which are hurdles on the way achieving the highest goal. Jus Yoga International is an initiative to organize a team, teachers, curriculum, style of teaching and courses so that we can help to make that path clear and visible.

Origin of the word “Jus” is from the Sanskrit language. This word is used in other forms like Jas, Yash (जस, यश ). Meaning of the word is “Renown”, “Blossom” or “Just As”, “at the same time”, “Simultaneously”.  “Yashashvi Bhavah (यशस्वी भव:)” is the motto of the organization, is a blessing which passed on for centuries from ancient YOGA GURUS to their students. Meaning of “Yashashvi Bhavah” is to be victorious in the fight or whatever is being pursuit. Wining over your fear, weakness, self. Mission and vision of JUS YOGA organization is to give the exact and righteous  knowledge to make worriers who can achieve the highest goal of the life.


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