How to forgive yourself?

Past actions or decisions which might not so good, can make anyone fill with the guilt and one is always suffering froma constant mental pain. This endless pain causes many problems in our life. Sometimes or we can say most of the time it not only effects the person but also the people around that person. When this situation become worse it disrupts the human relations and make the person so lonely in the life. Then comes depression and so on and on…

How can we overcome this situation? How we can fix which already happened? we certainly can’t. Time has already passed and we can’t do anything to change it. And that create a situation when continuous phase of self punishment is not going to end.

If you are in this situation that means you are constantly giving punishment to yourself for your past action or decision.

Solution to situation has already been given by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Geeta. All our past and present actions will create results in the future life. It is called “Karma” and “Phala” theory. All of our doing are stored and will come out after some time. And That storage is called “Sanskara” and we have our good and bad Sanskara. And we will get results accordingly.

“Self-Suffering” is one of the initial results which come out in order to give the result of our bad Sanskara. Which means, going through this phase of “mental pain”, our bad Sanskara are getting reduced. Not all the human can go through this phase because not all the human have ability to judge their own actions. Even sometimes some people do very bad things they never think about it and let it go because it does not effect them. Some people do care a lot about their actions and when something bad happens because of them they go through this phase and they reduce their bad Sanskara (Karma).

If you’re in this situation don’t loose hope because soon this is going to end and future is bright.


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