Pranayama for Beginner: Connect with your Energy

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  • Course level: Beginner
  • Duration 20h
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  • Last Update May 16, 2021


This pranayama course is specially designed for beginner practitioner who have little to no knowledge of Pranayama. Its the part of basic 200 hours TTC also in which some oh the most popular and useful Pranayama practices are given.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will have understanding of Pranayama practices.
  • Students will know important pranayama from Hatha yoga Pradipika.
  • Student will able to perform, practice and teach some of the beginner level pranayama very well.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons20h

Start your Energy practice

01 Introduction of Course00:03:30
02 Meaning of Pranayama00:20:00
03 Some Important Points00:15:00
04 Types of Pranayama00:15:00
05 Dirgha Pranayama00:30:00
06 Dirgha Pranayama In Sitting00:32:00
07 Kapalabhati00:30:00
08 Nadis00:20:00
09 Bhastrika00:15:00
10 Surya Bheda – Chandra Bheda00:20:00
11 Ujjayi00:16:00
12 Sheetali-Shitkari00:15:00
13 Bhramari00:15:00

About the instructor

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  • A peaceful mind.

Target Audience

  • Everyone who wants to control the energy and mind.

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